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Top 5 place to plan your bachelor party

Okay! So you are getting married, I mean you are about to commit to one individual for your entire life, you are being a victim to the concept of monogamy!
Ha-ha jeez I should relax right, but yeah to all the brides and grooms to be out there, you know that you are doing the right thing and I support you.

Okay now I have two reasons to support you, one: two beautiful people are tying knot in the beautiful bonds of love! And I am really happy for you & the second reason is "Bachelor party baby!!"
The one thing that I love most among all our adaptations of western culture is the bachelor party, its half of the reason why I insist my friends to get engaged :p

So, the main reason for me to pen down this blog is, I was actually going through few crazy places to plan a bachelor party for my friend, but like always I ended up surfing for days in vain, so here I have shortlisted 7 out of the bottle crazy places for you to plan your bachelors party!

Your are welcome in advance my friend:)

Goa, the party capital of India
The most accessible spot for an unforgettable party experience would be the beaches of Goa. 
And, regardless of when you go, Goa is always packing with fun and out-of-the-world party hangouts. Be it water sports, beach parties, nightclubs, casinos, spa centers, and luxurious resorts, Goa has everything,which is why it is one of the best places for a bachelor party.

Whenever we think of Manali, we immediately connect it to the hit party song Manali Trance. Wondering if your bachelor trip to Manali will turn out to be as fun as the song demonstrates. Don’t worry, it’ll be much more! Manali is a pristine as well as a very happening destination, offering a range of adventure activities like snowboarding, skiing, trekking, & rafting. It makes for a fantastic place for your wicked bachelor party ideas.

If your bachelor party ideas include things like hiking, camping, trekking, white water rafting & an experience that’s unforgettable in your life, then Whistling woodzs is the right place to be. Here your eyes would taste the beauty of nature every second. This is an exquisite place for nature lovers & adventure junkies to take a plunge on long road trips to experience the scenic beauty. Spice up your party with some chilled beer & cocktails, delicious food and tap to the beats of our music; doesn’t it sound pretty luring?
Oh! But beware your non-stop adventures and overflowing fun might make the bride-to-be jealous!

This one is fairly obvious; Mumbai and its night life are the talk of legend among the party folk, and since we are talking about a blow-out, we’d suggest heading over to the city that doesn’t sleep. With its wide range of exquisite resorts, evergreen nightlife, and of course, the all-time-favorite Marine Drive beach, you’ll never run out of options to make your bachelorette your most amazing experience.

If you’re a group inspired by Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Solang is your best bet for adventure sports like paragliding, Skiing, zorbing and list goes on. Trek through snow and take a couple of weeks off to ski or snowboard down the Himalayan mountain slopes in the Solang valley. Out of reach from any kind of cell phone network or nosy neighbors, this is the perfect place to disappear with your friends and spend a few weeks just chilling out.

If you want to experience wild adventure during the day and even wilder parties at the night, Solang is your go-to destination

so, here you go! Plan the best bachelor party for your friend! And you are welcome!


  1. Great! Bachelor party planning is out of the world. My sister in law got married recently. All the arrangements done by me and my husband were appreciated by all. Rustic welcome at San Francisco wedding venues and variety buffet dinner was awesome. Signage board at entrance and staircase cake cutting ceremony beautified the eve.


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