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Best resorts in India

Hey! Can I start off with an irony today!
God created everything and we were one of his last creations to enjoy all of his other creations, but we went ahead and started what was already there and create something that is in the interest of one or a bunch of individuals.
Yet time and again when the cobweb of life gets too suffocating or monotonous we look forward to some change a retreat per se, and ironically we look forward to the most natural things like a forest or a river where we usually find the peace that's been missing for some time now. Okay! I know that's too much of philosophy for one day, I have listed down few of the best resorts that have maintained the beauty of the nature intact in the most elegant way and are worth your while to get you in touch of the wonders of nature.

1. Whistling Woodzs resort:

One of the best resort experiences in India right now, the beauty of nature has not been created here but just showcased elegantly in all its beauty. The resort is located on the banks of Kali river in Ganeshgudi, one of the biggest forest areas of India! The resort offers the most exotic jungle stay and adrenaline rushing activities that will surely imbibe on your minds as one of the best adventures in your life.
it's must visit for every nature lover!

2. The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore Tiger reserve, Rajasthan: This wildlife resort of India is bestowed with some nature’s finest creations and is considered to be amongst the leading luxury wildlife resorts in India. It is situated on the edge of the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve; it’s the perfect place from where you can venture out on your jungle safari and then return back to luxurious comfort and pristine surroundings. From here you can venture out into the wild to see tigers in its natural surroundings.

3. Club Mahindra Coorg: Set amidst this lush green background, Club Mahindra Coorg is a sprawling resort built in the local Ainmanes tradition and is located within a coffee plantation, swirling with scents, colors, and sights of the hill station. It has 220 luxurious apartments and lots of facilities including a gym, two swimming pools, three restaurants, a lobby lounge and bar, a Holiday Activity Centre, a spa complex and much more. There are also plenty of activities, sights, and views to enjoy during your stay at this resort.

4. Barefoot at Havelock: White sandy beaches separate crystal clear azure waters from lush curtains of rainforest green: this is nature at its best. Barefoot is inspired by everything the Andamans have to offer and endeavors to bring the magic of the Andaman Islands into your resort experience.

5. Wooden Castle Spa & Resort: Wood Castle Spa & Resort is a luxurious and eco-friendly jungle Corbett resort spread over 8 acres of lush green grassland with a large number of mango trees, rich flora, exotic mixed shrubs which add on to the lively picture of nature's blessing 'Wood Castle'. The resort lies in the foot hills of Shivalik Ranges with a deep forest of Corbett National Park on one side and Kosi river, breaking the silence of calmness of the night on the other.

6. Blue Ginger Spa Resort: The land of GINGER, the spice which launched a multitude of merchant ships from many ancient kingdoms all over the world. Welcome to the roof of South India where the BLUE sky merges with lush green hill tops. Blue Ginger Spa Resort now offers the best blending of both as well as the best hospitality to all. Come and experience the ancient glory and pristine natural ambiance with all the modern facilities. A majestic backdrop of cloud studded mountain peaks, splendorous views all around, unspoiled natural ambiance, colorful tropical flowers, and butterflies await you at this luxury resort!


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