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Best resorts in India

Hey! Can I start off with an irony today!
God created everything and we were one of his last creations to enjoy all of his other creations, but we went ahead and started what was already there and create something that is in the interest of one or a bunch of individuals.
Yet time and again when the cobweb of life gets too suffocating or monotonous we look forward to some change a retreat per se, and ironically we look forward to the most natural things like a forest or a river where we usually find the peace that's been missing for some time now. Okay! I know that's too much of philosophy for one day, I have listed down few of the best resorts that have maintained the beauty of the nature intact in the most elegant way and are worth your while to get you in touch of the wonders of nature.

1. Whistling Woodzs resort: One of the best resort experiences in India right now, the beauty of nature has not been created here but just showcased elegantly in all its beauty. The resort i…
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Top 5 place to plan your bachelor party

Okay! So you are getting married, I mean you are about to commit to one individual for your entire life, you are being a victim to the concept of monogamy! Ha-ha jeez I should relax right, but yeah to all the brides and grooms to be out there, you know that you are doing the right thing and I support you.
Okay now I have two reasons to support you, one: two beautiful people are tying knot in the beautiful bonds of love! And I am really happy for you & the second reason is "Bachelor party baby!!" The one thing that I love most among all our adaptations of western culture is the bachelor party, its half of the reason why I insist my friends to get engaged :p
So, the main reason for me to pen down this blog is, I was actually going through few crazy places to plan a bachelor party for my friend, but like always I ended up surfing for days in vain, so here I have shortlisted 7 out of the bottle crazy places for you to plan your bachelors party!
Your are welcome in advance…

The Best destination for pre-wedding shoots

Well! Gone are the days when every girl dreamed of her big fancy wedding, walking down the aisle with her dream prince. But, now the horizons of the dreams have just expanded a tad bit, I mean who does not like getting their happiest days captured in the filmiest way possible. Every marriage in today's scenario starts with a great pre-wedding shoot and an invitation to save the date, I mean that's like the mandatory monologue of every fancy wedding! But, now it’s high time we did something different with the pre-wedding shoot, I mean no more forts, railway tracks, and next door gardens.
Here is the list of 5 exotic locations for your pre-wedding shoot which I ensure you, you will return as soon as you are married! You know what I mean!
Here we go!

Whistling woodzs jungle resort, Ganeshgudi

The Whistling woodzs resort is one of the best places for pre wedding shoot inIndia & is a dream come true for couples who want a mix of love, tranquil ambiance, lush greenery and most impor…

My first visit to whistling woodzs resort (Part 3)

Well, my saga in Whistling Woodzs Resort continues….

Alright before I begin with the 3rd part of the blog let me just make one thing clear: No! You are not a foodie if you love having occasionally chats outside or if you know few fancy places where you get the best shawarma & even if you eat like Gulliver on a strict mass gain regime!

It's just like the times when every DSLR owner thought he/she was a professional photographer (BTW its present times :p). Being foodie for me is a passion; I mean how lucky are those food bloggers who actually get paid for having amazing new dishes! (What more could you ask for god, you are paid to have awesome food).

Pardon me for the off topic discussion, but we were sitting at this amazing dining area which had Kali river on its one side and the beautiful nature on its other sides. We were served with my favorite dishes (the steaming mushroom soup, finely roasted French toast with extra eggs & extremely spicy chicken chilly) and I could ha…

My first visit to whistling woodzs resort (Part 2)

Bags packed! Fuel filled bike! Helmets on! Pre-booked our room at Whistling Woodzs resort! & Ride!
There we were on our way to one of the most amazing jungles of India, Dandeli. It just took some pictures of Dandeli and a promise to give the best display picture for my friends Facebook profile to get him on board with this trip.
Frankly for me going on a long bike ride is the solution to 90% of my life's problems, when you are out there riding against the wind as if you were actually escaping from the clutches of the world, after some brief moment even the thoughts in your mind will settle down to make way for the calmness around you & somewhere in between all this calmness you find yourself the real you!
The ride to Dandeli is one such journey that I have stumbled upon in my experience.

It took us nearly 8 hours to reach the threshold of Dandeli (which includes "quite some" smoke breaks). Okay! I have been to Lonavala, Matheran, Panchgani & Mahabaleshwar, you j…

My first visit to whistling woodzs resort (Part 1)

I love travelling & trekking is one of my favorite parts of it! In fact, I go out on a spontaneous trip every weekend; my life is pretty dope isn’t it? Relax it's just what my tinder bio reads not the actual reality! But I do enjoy exploring new places on my vacations or numerous of my voluntary vacations.

Whenever I make plans for a trip, I make sure it’s away from the hustle of this city, away from all the traffic, the stress, the solemn busyness in everyone's face around me, just so that I can actually enjoy the brief moment of that time. For me, jungles have always been a prime attraction throughout my life; it's the only masterpiece of the creator that we have not hampered with YET! Every stroke of calmness, peace, its captivating greenery and occasional sightings of wildlife fill my heart with happiness and unexplainable calmness which is enough to keep me going when I am back to my "urban life". If you are also a true nature lover then you have stumbled…